RIP Liya: Polar bear mother dies during heat wave at Sea World, Australia, age 19.

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Dolphin Welfare


  As a species commonly sighted on coastal shorelines, dolphins are adored and extremely popular in Australia. They are playful, social and sentient. It is understandable that having the opportunity to closely interact with these animals in theme parks can be intriguing and alluring – yet we as conscious humans need to actively recognise this as our own self-interested desires and should dissuade ourselves from indulging in captive dolphin entertainment at the expense of compromised dolphin “welfare” standards. .. read more

Polar Bears in Australia


  It has been scientifically proven that over 95% of polar bears kept in zoos suffer from behavioural disorders, yet still many zoos keep these animals in too small and inadequate enclosures.  This includes Sea World on the Gold Coast, Australia, who have Polar Bear Shores and is home to the only Polar Bears in Australia to read more

Taiji Dolphin Drives


 Every year between September and the following March, in the small fishing town of Taiji off the coast of Japan, dolphins and small whales are subjected to this horrific fate. A small group of local “fisherman” bang bars of steel in the water to create a sound barrier so they can confuse, frighten, round up and herd entire pods of dolphin families into a small quiet cove.... click to read more

Canned Lions


  Overseas breeders of lions sustain high breeding numbers in canned hunting farms as they get unsuspecting tourists to pay to bottle feed cubs, have a photo with the cubs, to walk them…often under the guise of being a “sanctuary” or “rescue organisation”.... click to read more